Cell phone games, a new Eldorado? Heard this before!

Posted on 06/14/2010


We have been told for years that the mobile game is a multi-billion dollar game industry and that it will become a true mass market phenomenon. Many publishers, oeprators, developpers and investors bet that it will really take off in the next years with new innovations and new divices. They says that mobile gaming will be closely linked to social game. After all, cell phones are made to connect people, aren’t them? For Trip Hawkins, founder of Digital Chocolate Inc. « the mobile phone is really turning into a social computer ». Games for cell phones will have more community-oriented elements. The San Mateo-based startup has obtained multi-million dollar credit for his current venture. “Digital Chocolate is emerging as one of the new leaders in mobile and social games,” said Trip Hawkins. Is the mobile game industry turning everything into gold? Some analysts says that obile phone gaming has the wind in its sails, and estimated that global mobile phone gaming market revenues will rise 19 percent to $5.6 billion this year. Last month, Gartner analyst Tuong Nguyen said that “the hype around mobile application stores has opened this market up to numerous publishers and developers — further expanding revenue potential and competition in this industry”. However Nguyen said “most mobile gamers will continue to gravitate toward ‘free’ games » and added that « we do not expect the ad-supported model to take off within the next three years”. Three years? Quite short isn’t it? It’s been years that the eldorado of cell phone games is been ruminated over. There isn’t a true business model, only some chosen ones can see in this market a new Eldorado. Most cell phone games don’t rake in money. Gartner said 60-70 percent of games played on cellphones are free and that this trend will continue. Playing game on one’s cell phone will increase but we can see a trend we use our new generation phone to log on social networks and continuing playing our favorite social games .

It is sure that the Iphone has largely helped to develop the market but there are only some happy few. Space minder by Venan Entertainment, Plant vs, Zombie by Popcap and Barbo Crash by Playbrains are latest examples of successful Iphone game. No doubt, some titles have made their way and have known success but the cell phone games sector is still waiting for a business model. Meanwhile, some prophets are foretelling the glory of his potential expansion…

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Popcap: At PopCap our goal is to create fun games that literally everyone can enjoy. Our games are easy to learn, tough to master… and utterly addictive!*

Venan Entertainment is a premier publisher and developer of cutting-edge video games for cell phones and other portable platforms, based in Cromwell, Connecticut.*

Digital Choclate is a leading publisher of original, high-quality Omni games – games that reach mass market consumers across all platforms and are driven by social value, convenience and instant gratification.*

Playbrains is a game development studio specializing in digitally-distributed fun .*

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