Indian gaming industry, a slow-moving elephant or a rushing tiger?

Posted on 06/14/2010


In a market study on Animation and Gaming in India for Italian Trade Mission, TATA strategic management group estimated the global gaming industry in India at USD 40 billion and it is expected to grow to 59 billion in 2013. However the gaming market is estimated to USD 239 million and is expected to reach 1.3 billion in 2013. The Indian game market is small even it has seen noticeable growth these past years. Most of game companies are involved in outsourcing. The Indian gaming sector plays a limited role in concept creation and pre-production. It is limited to a handful of players who develop their own games, mainly for the Mobile and Online platforms. Is India only an outsourcing land? There is a significant cost differential between the production costs in India and those in US. Nasscom estimates that it costs USD 11 million to 18 million in India for a console NGN (Next Generation) game development compared to USD 18 million to 44 million in US for the similar work. Many companies of Indian gaming industry are services providers. Companies such as RZ2 Game or Zatun work for major western game companies. RZ2 Game works for THQ’s prototype sports title known as Bobblehead Football for the Nintendo Wii and PS2. It was commissioned by EA to develop multiple Nintendo DS games. Zatun worked for Gearbox Software on its Xbox 360 game Aliens by creating Hi-Poly environments. It has created stylized characters and props for Santa Cruz Games Wii Game, IGOR. As we have said there are few companies that developed their own games, these games are mainly for the Indian market. Animoto Studios, based in Hyderabad, has developed its game project Apox a RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game, set in a near post-apocalyptic world. Ok, Indian is a good place for outsourcing and one can finds good and competent service providers but about the market? Will India become a land of gamers? At the beginning of the year Nitho partnered with Faxtel-India and signed a distribution agreement. To celebrate this new partnership, Franco Marinari Acciani, CEO of Nitho commented that they “look forward to work together to make Indian market a huge success.” For Thomas Abraham Managing Director, Faxtel Systems India, “console gaming is becoming the center point for social and family entertainment”. Certainly, an increasing amount of video game players will push the Indian game industries with more Indian video game titles. Indian gaming industry is developing slowly but as the elephant he slowly makes it way to its destination which is to become a major player in the worldwide video industry.

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Animoto studios founded in July 2007, based in Hyderabad, India, is one of the very few game development studios dedicated purely for the development of RTS games for the hardcore gamers.*

RZ2games is a video game development company. As a full service game developer it can build a product from concept through production and get it out to customers worldwide.*

Zatun is an independent video game development and a game outsourcing company dedicated to developing fun-to-play, action-packed and engaging games.*

Nitho‘s business model is based on production of innovative items for the latest entertainment devices.*

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