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Posted on 06/14/2010


Social game players are 100 millions in the USA and the UK alone according to a survey commissioned by PopCap early this year (February 2010). In the same survey, the typical example of a social gamer is a 43 year old woman! Bye bye to old cliches? As far as social game are concerned the gender differences are not the same. Are social game turning women upside down? 55% of all social gamers are female and 38% of them say that they play social games several times a day. It is not only a five minutes thing, 61% of social gamers say their average social gaming session lasts more than half an hour and 10% says that their average time is 3 hours or more! The community of social gamers seems to have more and more addicts. The social game sector is projected to generate revenues of more than US$1 billion in 2010!

Facebook is the place where the players of social games are the more active and since March many Facebook game has lost popularity. Are social games just a fad? Not so sure! Facebook changed their social game notifications by disabling a feature that sent users an instant notification every time there was a move made in the games. Experts says that this could have drop the number of participants. Another point is perhaps that major games are losing players simply because they just want to play other games. The argument could be simple and foolish but new games burst everyday and network where to play them are more diversified. Small social games are swarming and the big social game companies have a great appetite and acquire other emerging companies. The sector is growing! No one is safe from a great success.

Social games are made to captivate players, to make them play and share the game with their friends. More and more games can be found now and for almost all the tastes. In Hollywood Tycoon by Social Game Universe, the player can build his own movie studio, he can hire and fire his friends and makes block buster hits. Monster world of Wooga has 1 million users, the player of Monster World explores a strange while he grows and harvests Chocolate Flowers, Unicorn Trees, Lemonade Bushes and many other familiar and unfamiliar plants. Tall Tree game such as Fish World, where the player is put in control of a virtual aquarium, has 2.3 million users. In Island Paradise by Meteor Games the players grow crops, raise animals and can custom their avatars on your own tropical island. The game has registered 10 million users! Social game market is expanding but it is also getting more competitive. Companies should well detect their customers and be more and more creative to attract and keep the users.

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Want to know more about:

Social game universe is a Toronto-based social games innovator founded in 2009. Social Game Universe has soft-launched two beta social media apps on Facebook including Hollywood Tycoon and Avastar and is developing technology that will enhance the social aspects of “social” gaming for developers everywhere.

Wooga was founded in January 2009 by Jens Begemann (CEO), Philipp Moeser (CTO) and non-executive founder Patrick Paulisch. Their 1st game Brain Buddies launched in July 2009, climbed to 6 million monthly active users (MAU). The 2nd game, Bubble Island, launched February 2010 gained 4 million MAU and 1 million daily active users in just 8 weeks and with 1 billion minutes of total gameplay time per month (that’s 2000 years) it is one of the most played social games ever.

Tall Tree Games is a social game developer based in Toronto and London Ontario, Canada. Launched in 2007. It has released over 50 applications, and 21 of them have each topped one million users.

Meteor Games is an independent game studio founded in 2007 by Adam and Donna Powell, creators of It creates fun and creative social games with regular updates and new content.

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