Chocolatier: Sweet Society is the first game of PlayFirst on Facebook. A winning release?

Posted on 06/28/2010


PlayFirst has launched Chocolatier: Sweet Society on Facebook. Over the month since it was released, the game has picked up 217,563 monthly active users. The company’s game portfolio includes world-renowned brands , such as Diner Dash ®, featuring the spunky, can-do waitress Flo; Dream Chronicles, a world where reality meets fantasy; and Chocolatier®, a challenging sim series where you become a master chocolatier traveling the world. PlayFirst games are available on-line on more than 500 sites in 20 languages and in major retailers. Their first release on Facebook doing quite well, is PlayFirst going to put Diner Dash on Facebook?

Check the article of  Inside Social Games by Chris Morrison

Chocolatier lures in Facebook gamers with the sweet stuff

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