Growing or dying? The main social games companies keep expanding

Posted on 06/28/2010


Playdom lastest acquisition is Hive7, it is the fifth company picked up by the firm. Which company will be its next prey? Make you bet… Could the big ones start eating each other? Could LOLapps or CrowdStar be threatened? But one thing is sure the main social games companies are on the crest. Playdom confirmed $33 million in investment last week. Heyzap raised $3 million from Union Square Ventures, Naval Ravikant, and Chris Dixon this week. Zynga Receives $147 Million Investment From Japan’s Softbank two weeks ago. Social Gaming Network, also known as SGN, has raised a first tranche of $2m in a second round of financing from Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s and Xing founder’s investment firm Tomorrow Ventures. RockYou has been on a funding spree raising $10m in its 5th round of funding earlier this month, bringing it to a grand total of $127m in funding five rounds. We could ask ourselves if there will be still place for small social games companies or will they be creative tanks which would be bought by big companies?

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LOLapps has over 50 million active users per month, it has the largest network of social games and applications on Facebook. Founded in 2008, it took applications to the next level by building the quiz, gift and game creator platforms that provided user-generated, customizable applications.

CrowdStar is a global leader in the social gaming industry with a community of more than 50 million gamers. Based outside of San Francisco, CrowdStar is home to some of Facebook’s most popular, fun and entertaining games, including Happy Aquarium, Happy Island, Happy Pets, Hello City and Zoo Paradise. CrowdStar, a Youweb incubated company, has quickly become one of the largest and most successful developers and publishers in social gaming.

Heyzaps enables game developers to distribute their social games outside of social networking sites and onto the wider web while not only retaining the game’s social functions and features, but also connecting the user’s many social graphs.

SGN, Social Gaming Network, is a leading publisher and developer of social mobile games.SGN is constantly pushing the boundaries of social game play. Their console-quality iPhone and iPod Touch games feature live multiplayer action in stunning 3-D environments.

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