Global Agenda of Hi-Rez Studios changed its economic model

Posted on 06/29/2010


Hi-Rez Studios announced last week that Global Agenda is now 100% subscription free. It will no longer charge a monthly subscription fee to play in addition to the initial game purchase. Global Agenda wants to have a growing community by adopting a non-subscription purchase model. Once the game is purchased, there are no additional charges for the current content, including the Agency-vs-Agency game-play and all currently available PvE modes. In the future, players may elect to purchase new expansions with additional content. Giving up the subscription-based revenue model is a strategic choice for Hi-Rez. The independent developer on its website explains that : «After receiving feedback from many existing and potential players, we believe that we will have the most thriving community by offering a non-subscription purchase model.»

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Hi-Rez Studios were founded in 2005 to create online interactive entertainment. Hi-Rez, short for Hi-Resolution, refers to “images of the finest sharpness, detail and quality.” Their goal is to create games and virtual worlds at that highest level of quality in terms of both graphics and game-play. As an independent studio, they are able to work with any publisher, on any platform, and to establish game design, art, and production schedules in support of their vision.

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