Platogo : « Integrate once and run everywhere »

Posted on 06/29/2010


On its blog, Platogo announced that it has finished to rewrite their Facebook integration to fully make use of the new Gaph API. Nothing will chage for Platogo developer and as it is written on their blog :  « the beauty of our solution – integrate once & never worry about any changes. You know the saying: there’s only one constant in software development – change. » They are working to provide support for other social networks too. Their goal, « is to provide an abstraction for most of the popular social networks. Imagine: integrate once – run everywhere… »
Making it easier for social game developers to get their game out is an important topic in the social gaming industry. Platogo wants in this sector to make a way to the top. It will be hard to catch up with others such as Heyzap who have amassed over 200,000 sites in its distributors network and have close to 3,000 developers signed up with them. Platogo has a main value add: its constant adaptation and the desire to let game developers do what they do best, developing games, without worrying about changes.

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Platogo is a social gaming network, and is the first platform to apply the Web 2.0 paradigms of user-generated content and strong community focus to browser-based gaming in a way that’s attractive to gamers and developers alike.

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