The Silver Lining of Phoenix Online Studios : « like a Phoenix rising from the ashes »

Posted on 06/29/2010


Phoenix Online Studios happily announced that an agreement with Activision had finally been reached and that The Silver Lining will now see a full release as an online episodic series. The first episode, entitled The Silver Lining: What Is Decreed Must Be, will be released on July 10th and will be completely free to download. Phoenix Online Studios team still can’t believe that they will publish their first non-commercial game. In an interview with John Callaham for Big Download, Katie Hallahan said : « I still can’t quite believe we’ve finally made it to this day, that we’re looking at a release day, and that we’ve come out on top. There were so many obstacles, internal and external, along the way, but somehow we did it. » Cesar Bittar added : « Seeing the fans this excited over our baby is something beyond any words. Right now, as I hear our composers’ new theme for Episode 2, and I close my eyes, I can see people happy. And that has always been our goal. To bring back to the fans what was taken from us the day that Sierra stopped being. »

Mark your calendar for July 10th!

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