Augmented reality gaming : Ogmento wants to be the leader

Posted on 07/01/2010


Ogmento has announced three new executive hires: Rick Ernst is the company’s new lead game designer, Tim Hernandez joins as its director of production, and James Chung becomes its art director. The augmented reality gaming start-up is getting ready for the augmented reality gaming battle. The company has already raised $3.5 million in Series A funding in May this year, and has already worked with clients including Penguin Publishing, SAP, Orange and PBS. But what’s AR? The basic principal is quite simple in theory : the gameplay incorporates the player’s real surroundings into the action, blending the distinction between virtual and real. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Imagine combining AR with 3DS, the Kinect and the Move technology and all the possibilities that this could generate… Some 3DS, Kinect and Move games have already integrate AR but it is only the first fruits.
Will augmented reality become a huge part of mainstream gaming? Many actors are sure it will. To boost this market, Qualcomm has announced plans to offer an augmented reality platform and software development kit. The platform will initially be available for Android devices and the SDK will be offered free of charge. It promises developers to give them the tools to build applications blurring the lines between cyberspace and its real-world counterpart. The company has also announced that it has partnered with Georgia Tech to establish the Qualcomm Augmented Reality Game Studio, which it wants to produce new application concepts and prototypes for a new generation of vision-based augmented reality applications. The Company also announced its inaugural Augmented Reality Application Developer Challenge, an international competition to spotlight the best applications developed using Qualcomm’s augmented reality platform and software development kit (SDK) with $200,000 in total prize money. The Challenge will start in the Fall of 2010, when the Augmented Reality SDK is made available for public download.
AR technology is also expected to spread beyond the innovative world of video games into other applications including advertising, retail, medicine and education.

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Ogmento was founded in 2009 by industry veterans committed to developing Augmented Reality Games. By fusing real and virtual worlds Ogmento is spearheading the next generation of video games that are played in the real world.

The Qualcomm Developer Network (QDevNet) is about creating exceptional mobile experiences, reaching across networks and device platforms and enabling go-to-market channels and business models that fuel the strength of the wireless ecosystem.

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