Want to wear the clothes designed in your virtual world?

Posted on 07/01/2010


Have you ever dreamed to wear the clothes you have designed in your virtual world? This dream is coming true, but not for all of us. The lucky ones are the members of SecretBuilders. FashionPlaytes partnered with SecretBuilders to allow users to purchase real-world versions of clothes they’ve designed in their virtual world. This partnership is surely an opportunity for FashionPlaytes to extend its co-creation concept and to gain market share in the $11 billion tween girl apparel market. It also allows SecretBuilders to give new options to its users. Behind the money stuff, can’t we see an inclination for more interaction between the real  world and the virtual world? We have seen that Kaneva encourages residents to create avatars that are online versions of their real identities, linking photos of themselves and lists of their hobbies, thus creating a link between the virtual world and real world. With this partnership between FashionPlaytes and SecretBuilders, young girls will be able to wear their virtual designs. A far-fetched reasoning is coming to my mind, can’t we see in that the desire of some users to look more like their avatars, a virtual me that they can control, that they have decided to be? I’ll stop here… and go back to the partnership which calls for FashionPlaytes to incorporate new features like mini-games and an in-game chatroom. The mini-games will be provided by SecretBuilders  and the chatroom will allow young users to discuss designs and fashion. A virtual in-world fashion show and giveaways will be held to celebrate these new features. The co-creation business is having an eye on the potential links with virtual worlds, there could be opportunities such as : customized radio / music stations, customized t-shirts and gifts or even customized chocolate.

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SecretBuilders is a virtual world for children 6 to 14 years old where they can explore virtual lands, undertake quests, play games, maintain a home, nurture a pet, and interact with their friends as well as famous real and fictional characters from history and the humanities. [Read more…]

FashionPlaytes allows girls to customize their clothes. The company offers tween girls an opportunity to design clothing and have it produced to wear.  [Read more…]

Kaneva was founded by Christopher Klaus. Instead of a virtual, non-realistic world, Kaneva is an extensible world that brings together the best of life and enables online connections and encourages and enhances real friendships.

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