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Posted on 07/01/2010


FriendsHangout is the new 3D virtual world builder launched by developer Visual Inspirations. FriendsHangout promises are : the possibility to create your own virtual world, not just a room or a house, but an entire planet and a simple software which will allow novice users to have their worlds up in minutes. The goal is to create a social networking system focused on 3D content. Developer Visual Inspirations has opened its third party developer program which will allow users to upload their own 2D and 3D content that they can sell in a virtual catalog. FriendsHangout is using the new Unity game engine which allows to create scenes that can be played right inside the browser. As it is said on their website : “No huge software packages to download and install, just a small simple browser plugin and you are ready to play! The beauty of all this is that you can get started immediately, you don’t have to do much, all you have to do is to be ready to play and join in all the fun here on FriendsHangout.”
Users will be able to customize their avatar, to give them a special look by using Darwin Dimensions new avatar editing system called Evolver. FriendsHangout provides features for businesses and end users alike. Users can promote their products in virtual stores and even advertise in other worlds. Moreover, with just a few lines of html code, these 3D worlds can be embedded into any website. FriendsHangout  technology is mainly for artist, designers, and architects. They supply the design and FriendsHangout handles things like the programming, avatars, chat functions, interface, networking, web hosting, etc.

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Visual Inspirations Inc, is a privately held, web development company that specializes in creating online, browser-based, games and utilities. Visual Inspirations is the creator and sole owner of FriendsHangout. Content within FriendsHangout is updated on a weekly basis creating a rich experience that keeps users coming back for new content and features. Learn more about the the team behind the scenes.

Unity Technologies wants to revolutionize the game development industry with its breakthrough development platform for creating highly interactive 3D content – including video games, training simulations and medical and architectural visualizations – on the web, mobile and console.

Darwin Dimensions is the company behind Evolver which allows its users to create avatars which are interoperable, portable and transportable. [Read more …]

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