Control your army of zombies or human with The Gravedigger, the first game of Behold Studios. Is the company changing strategy?

Posted on 07/07/2010


The Gravedigger is now available on the iTunes store. Behold Studios presents us a RTS game where  players can control an army of zombies or humans! Players have to create their strategies to destroy the opposing team. They can use their resources to upgrade their units to stronger and more powerful minions. They have to prevent their enemies to grab the power-ups before them!
Gravedigger is a test in the entertainment market for Behold Studios. They are testing business opportunities after several experts have reviewed their business plan. It is also working on a project of R&D about a simulator of electric energy substation. Behold will focus on entertainment, advertisement and on training and simulation. Behold Studios aims to develop on-demand games to solve specific problems within an organization. A qualified team analyzes the needs, discusses solutions and turns them into a game with focus on entertainment, advertisement or training . They can develop advergames to promote a brand or a product and 3D web games. Behold Studios also develops games that have as main focus corporate training or simulation of machinery, vehicles and environments. With its casual game, Behold studios is adding a new string to its bow.
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Behold Studios is a company focused on providing game development services. Founded in 2008, the company is located in the Centro de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento Tecnológico, at UnB, a prestigious university, Federal District, Brazil. The associates Pedro Guerra and Saulo Camarotti, having already earned awards at game development events, chose to continue developing games as a career.
Situated in one of the best universities in Brazil, the company endeavors to stimulate aspiring game development professionals in the area.
The focus of the company is in the production of serious games. Being a multidisciplinary area, we strive to establish partnerships with other companies, especially in areas related to art and sound production, advertising and other related areas.

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