Frogster a new monthly revenue record in June and the purchase of European license for the MMO Game Mythos

Posted on 07/07/2010


The Frogster group has reached a new monthly revenue record in June both with their bestseller Runes of Magic accounting for 2.2m Euro alone. Will Frogster manage to do as well with Mythos? It has purchased the four-year European license to the massively multiplayer online game from Hanbitsoft, one of the leading Korean online games developers and publishers. Frogster thus owns the European rights to the massively multiplayer online game with triple A quality. Mythos will be available in German, English, French, Spanish, Polish and even Turkish. Thus, Frogster will for the first time also serve the attractive Turkish market with Mythos. The game is scheduled for release in Korea in 2010, while the European release date remains to be discussed but should not be later than Q1 2011.
Mythos was initially developed by Flagship Studios in San Francisco and is considered to be one of the most prominent action MMORPG projects worldwide. Many of the former development staff surrounding industry giant Bill Roper were beforehand involved in the creation of the blockbuster Diablo from senior positions at Blizzard Entertainment. Hanbitsoft bought Flagship Studios in the year 2008.
Frogster will establish the ambitious action-MMO Game in the European market in the so-called “Hack ‘n Slay” style. Through an individual adjustment of Mythos to current MMORP Game standards of the western game market. Just as successfully exercised with other titles before, Frogster will offer the players a variety of durable and consumable virtual goods as well as services for even more gaming fun for payment. The atmospheric work allows its players to choose from three different classes to individually develop them in turn according to choice of skills. Constantly on the chase for better items for their own character, players wander through the many different areas within a thrilling fantasy world. Frogster will continuously expand Mythos together with Hanbitsoft. Besides Mythos, a large secret MMO project is currently being produced for release in 2013 in cooperation with the developer Runewaker Entertainment, who created Runes of Magic. In the short term, Frogster also intends to enter into the rapidly growing market of casual and social browser games.

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Frogster Interactive Pictures AG is an international publisher of massively multiplayer online games with headquarters in Berlin and subsidiaries in Berlin, San Francisco and Seoul. Frogster focuses on the marketing and operation of virtual worlds, so-called massively multiplayer online games. With its top titles Runes of Magic and Bounty Bay Online Frogster has already gathered over 4.2 million registered players worldwide .

Hanbitsoft is a Korean computer game publishing and development company. Formed in 1999, HanbitSoft specializes in the distribution of massively multiplayer online roleplaying games. Their main products are StarCraft, Diablo2, WarCraft3, etc. Check their website here.

Runewaker Entertainment is a Taiwanese game development studio founded in August 2004. The company’s headquarters is located in Taichung, Taiwan.

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