Fruit Ninja : more than 1 million copies sold on the iPhone apps store!

Posted on 07/07/2010


Will The game of Halfbrick follow the success of Doodle Jump? Who knows? Something is bugging me… These two games are cheap and addictive game. Is there a pattern in the success of the games on the apple store? Most of the successful ones are simple, cheap, very addictive, fun and are of casual type. It’s the type of games that you would expect to play on a mobile phone, wouldn’t you? For its first iPhone game, Halfbrick has met success. They couldn’t dream better for a first time, they hit the top three paid apps in over 10 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and the UK.  games that you would expect to play on a mobile phone. The iPhone makes it all much more interactive with its amazing touch screen. Halfbrick is not a newcomer. Established in 2001, it started developing games for the handheld market among which Heatseeker for PSP and Avatar : The Last Airbender : Into the Inferno for DS. Raskulls, its first Xbox Live Arcade title is due to release its year. They have also developed Age of Zombies and Rocket Racing for PSP Minis. Thanks to digital distribution services, the Aussie studio started managing its own titles after beginning by contracting for other local studios and publishers like THQ. Halfbrick’s focus has shifted from handheld platform to digital distribution betting on the increasing of digital console game and allowing them to create their own projects. Halfbrick its pursuing its way and is currently working on several new iPhone projects as well as exploring options for the Age of Zombies franchise and putting the finishing touches on Raskulls.

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Halfbrick is a growing Australian game development company, established in 2001. They are dedicated to providing a rewarding working experience, building games with innovative gameplay while using quality development practices to make sure that everything is done on time with high production values. Their primary focus is developing games for handheld consoles including the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. They are also currently developing for other digital platforms including XBox Live Arcade, PSN and WiiWare. [Read more …]

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