GameShastra increasing its digital releases : 3 new minis to PSN due over the summer.

Posted on 07/09/2010


GameShastra has primarily focused on ports and outsourcing and with the opening of its UK office it is planning to make and publish more original games. The company wants to expand its current portfolio. Martin Odgen, head of European operations at GameShastra, in an interview declared that “within two years we would want 75 per cent of our revenue to be driven by self-published projects.”
GamaShastra gives itself the mean to achieve its goal. On its website we can see that 16 games are currently under development. GameShastra will bring three new minis to PSN over the summer : Flick Sports Fishing, Crime Spree and Bee Wars.
GameShastra is also working on Arcade Bowling for Wii and PSP. Arcade Hoops basketball, Goaaal!, Top Gun, World Pool Master, World Cup Table Tennis are other games for PSP. Cricket Challenge is a game for Wii. Eklavya is being developed for PS3 and the company is even working on a game for PS2, Bullock. That’s not all 2 titles are planned for iPhone : Predator Drone and Rescue. GameShastra  sticks to its road map by offering original IP but it is also looking to partner with existing publishers and developers. In fact, its plan is to move on to pretty much all digital formats and Martin Odgen said that the only area GameShastra is not looking to focus on right now, is online browser-based games.

Read the interview with Martin Odgen on Edge online here.

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