Xenome Episode 1 by Nine Pound Studio: Try your first immersion in the Xenome Universe

Posted on 07/09/2010


Never heard of Nine Pound Studio before? Wondering what is Xenome Universe? We’ll get to know them.
The Xenome universe is set a few hundred years – 2309 – in the future on Earth. Two factions – Union and Prime – battle for control of the colonization of Earth, Huhsis, and any other planet that has yet to be discovered. Mankind finds itself, once again, on the brink of extinction. Xenome Episode 1 is the first of a series of games taking place in the Xenome universe, under development by Nine Pound Studios. These games will be released for the iPhone / iPod Touch platform initially and Episode 1 is now available on iTunes store. That 3D Action/Adventure RPG will have you struggling for survival as you unravel the mystery of who you are and what your purpose is.
Nine Pound Studio aims to develop Xenome online which will be their vision for the future of MMORPG gaming on the mobile platform. Their  plan is to build a giant, immersive, and highly interactive world that will bring gamers together in the vast interesting world of Xenome. They believe that Xenome Online will not only offer the expansive immersive feel of the Xenome Episode 1 and 2 single player games, but it will also bring players together for an unprecedented virtual world experience on the mobile platform.
Besides these projects, Nine Pound Studio, is also interested in helping others to implement their software development goals by leveraging its capabilities. The team of Nine Pound Studio has years of combined experience in 3D Production (Animation, Modeling, Art), Game Design, Development and Project Management. Learn more about their competencies here.

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Nine Pound Studios is an independent development studio that builds entertaining games of the highest quality. Founded by both hardcore and casual gamers, they are passionate about having fun and creating fun for their customers. Their focus is to push the limits of technology to deliver the most enjoyable and visually appealing game environment. They have been drawn to mobile platforms, the iPhone in particular, because of the ubiquity of mobile devices and the ease of access this fascinating platform provides.[Read more]

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