The Bearded Ladies’ Landit Bandit lands on North America PSN

Posted on 07/13/2010


Landit Bandit is already available in Europe on the Sony PSN for 12.99 Euros and is now hitting the US. It is being developed by The Bearded Ladies, a swedish-based independent games developer. Landit Bandit describes itself as a casual-helicopter-adventure-game for the PlayStation 3. The game combines modern game technology and a retro punch for a unique experience. Players can defy gravity for the high-score on the global leaderboard – as well as battle head-to-head in 6 unique duels – or work cooperatively across a 20-level campaign against the backdrop of gorgeous 3D levels ranging from the picturesque desert islands to the cool, ice-filled tundra. Self-described as “bohemian independent developers,” The Bearded Ladies have made their debut with Landit Bandit and their colorful team is a guarantee of funny and original games.

Check out Landit Bandit :
It all starts one morning as the grumpy art thief Lander is washed up on Marley’s tiny tropical island. Lander has in his possession a briefcase of Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches and is anxious to get this treasure to a Mr Art Steeler in the Big City. [Read more…]

The Bearded Ladies Consulting is a games studio located in Sweden committed to making entertaining games and having a good time doing it. They want their enthusiasm for gaming to shine through in their work and they will always make our best effort to produce fun and original titles.

Learn more about the creation of Landit Bandit and their team behind it :
Landit Bandit Dev Diary 1
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Landit Bandit Dev Diary 3

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