IllFonic’s FPS Nexuiz this winter on XBLA and PSN will be the first downloadable title developed on CryENGINE 3

Posted on 07/15/2010


Crytek GmbH and IllFonic announced that IllFonic has licensed CryENGINE 3 for Nexuiz, their upcoming XBLA and PSN cult futuristic Arena First-Person Shooter dropping this Winter. CryENGINE 3 has allowed the IllFonic development team to achieve their vision for Nexuiz that will push the limits of what gamers can expect from an AAA digital downloadable title. Illfonic is one of the few studios to adopt Crytek’s latest development kit since it’s release in October 2009. For Charles Brungardt, President of IllFonic, “switching to CryENGINE 3 has helped us stay true to our vision and build the Nexuiz arenas the way we see it without any limitations. We are incredibly proud that Nexuiz will be the first downloadable title developed on CryENGINE 3.” CryENGINE 3 is the first Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, MMO, DX9, DX10 and DX11 all-in-one game development solution that is next-gen ready – with scalable computation and graphics technologies.
The love story started “when we were strolling around GDC 2010’s floor we stopped by the Crytek booth. I watched someone show off a few features of CryENGINE 3. Right then and there, I knew I had to have it. It’s powerful, fast and easy to use,” said Kedhrin Gonzalez, Creative Director of IllFonic. “Crytek has been awesome”.
Nexuiz is an Arena First Person shooter and is fast paced with extremely competitive game play. IllFonic brings Alientrap Software’s Nexuiz to next-gen gaming consoles around the world while staying true to the game play refined over the years through development. IllFonic introduces a new Victorian influenced art style that is simultaneously futuristic and sophisticated. It will feature a dynamic mutator system that allows players to change the rules of the match as its being played; as players rank, new mutators become available for them to use. Leader boards are designed for social networking, letting players feel more engaged with the community.

IllFonic is also working on a comedy sports adventure game, Ghetto Golf, which will be available on XBLA, PSN and PC. Ghetto Golf is a rapid mixture of third person combat, sports gameplay and comedy, dedicated to those players that have always wanted to wield an Uzi with their 9 iron. In addition to a deep single player campaign, Ghetto Golf offers a robust multiplayer mode including Golf Gangs and Team Deathmatch. The game will include an original soundtrack from top artists and producers plus feature voice talent from some of the best names in urban comedy.

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IllFonic is an American based digital publisher and developer for console, PC, and mobile gaming platforms.  IllFonic embraces the creative process and is known for alternative approaches to video game development and publishing to deliver AAA games digitally to consoles and PCs at an affordable price. IllFonic utilizes many avenues in pop culture to cross brand its products in film, television, sports, music, and clothing. With offices in Los Angeles and Denver, IllFonic has built a team of artists, developers, producers, and musicians that believe providing fun game-play means conveying the highest level of visual awe, an immersive environment and a sick soundtrack.

Crytek GmbH is one of the world’s leading independent development studios for interactive entertainment. It is based in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and has additional studios in Kiev (Ukraine), Budapest (Hungary), Sofia (Bulgaria), Seoul (South Korea) and Nottingham (UK). Crytek is dedicated to creating exceptionally high-quality video games for next-generation consoles and PC, powered by their proprietary cutting-edge 3D-Game-Technology, CryENGINE. Since its foundation in 1999, Crytek has created the multi-award winning PC titles Far Cry, Crysis (awarded best PC Game of E3 2007 and Best Technology at the 2008 Game Developers Choice Awards) and Crysis Warhead (awarded Best Graphics Technology at IGN Best of 2008 Awards).

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