J.A.W developing multiple Oddworld projects, across multiple platforms and Gravity Crash Portable on PSN.

Posted on 07/16/2010


Oddworld is back and Just Add Water is working on multiple Oddworld projects, across multiple platforms. We don’t know yet what the projects are but J.A.W has been working on them for the past 12 months extremely closely with the fantastic people at Oddworld Inhabitants. Over the coming weeks and months J.A.W will be announcing these exciting projects starring all the Oddworld characters. “To work with the team at Oddworld has been amazing; being able to tap the minds of Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna and others has been fantastic,” said Just Add Water’s Managing Director Stewart Gilray. The last game from Oddworld series was released in 2005…
That’s not all for J.A.W, next week Gravity Crash Portable for the PlayStation Portable will be released via PSN. Gravity Crash Portable combines vintage arcade shooter gameplay with striking vector graphics. The player pilots a small craft, mastering the flight mechanics to combat the perpetual gravitational pull is the key to success. Armed with an arsenal of main and special weapons, shield and a carefully watched fuel gauge, players battle gravity and inertia through 40 planets that each feature environmental dangers, enemies and other obstacles.
Gravity Crash is available on Playstation 3. Gravity Crash will have striking 1080p 60fps vector graphics. Gravity Crash will be the first Arcade Shooter on PSN to offer a Level Editor. Players can design their own planets fraught with danger, from narrow, twisting tunnels to deadly enemies. Then, they can publish and share it for others on the PlayStation Network to download and enjoy. With “old school” arcade gameplay and glossed and colorful 1080p 60fps HD vector visuals, Gravity Crash offers a sense of 1980s arcade nostalgia while delivering the latest in visuals exclusively on PS3.

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Gravity Crash gets Portable next week!

Gravity Crash  Portable

Gravity Crash

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