Art in Games shows its skills on iPhone with a 3D Shmup called Air Attack

Posted on 07/19/2010


Art in Games’ first iPhone game called Air Attack is now available on the iTunes store. Air Attack is an air combat shooter with exceptional models and animations. Textures are vibrant and detailed across the board. The game has amazing 3D environments enhanced with Light maps, glow effects and spectacular maps. There are 8 missions with 58 different enemies to defeat and 8 huge end level bosses. Air Attack offers a challenging visual spectacle and a solid game playing experience.

Check Air Attack on iTunes store and watch  the trailer.

Art in Games is a relatively new company established in 2007, but with a highly experienced team. Based in Slovakia, which is ideal for European clients, Art in Game can deliver top quality services. They are currently working with a number of world-class teams including – Sony, Evolution Studios, Giant Soft, Trion World , Splash Damage.
They offer number of services which such as high and low resolution assets for renders and games, concept art, matte painting, porting, and animation. [Read more…]

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