LookAtMyGame is working on a crowd-funding website for independent video-games.

Posted on 07/22/2010


Can crowd-funding be a new source of funding in the video game industry? Could this model allow independent studios to fulfill their creativity and to breed more innovations? LookAtMyGame wants to be the answer to these questions. LAMG’s – LookAtMyGame – platform is a crowd-funding/ community dedicated to the independent video game industry.
Clement Vidal and Romain Streichemberger are the two founders of LAMG. They were previously working at different video game company where they faced several problems mainly related with publishers and other money aspects. LAMG wants to be an answer to these problems and be a new and original way to finance fun and innovative video games production. Their idea is to involve players to help independent studios make or finish their games.
LAMG is a platform that allows video-game companies to deposit games prototypes and ask internet users to invest money in their projects. Internet users can invest a small amount of money in one or several projects available on the website, and will, in return, get money back from the sales of those games. To choose their favorite projects internet users can browse the website and select in which games they want to invest in. To help the funders in their choice, all the projects will come with a lot of medias such as Playable Demo, Videos, Screenshots and Artworks.
LAMG offers independent studios to co-finance their project production from 25 000 Euros to 100 000 Euros, to build a community of invested internet game producers and it also offers the selected studios to promote their projects. It’s a four step process. The first step is the upload of the project. The second step is the filing of the money pot. The third step is the development of the game. The fourth and final step is marketing with a communication guaranteed by LookAtMyGame. The net profit is then shared between the studio, the internet producers and LAMG.
LAMG’s wish is to contemplate the marketing of a game in a completely different way. The central idea of the platform is to submerge the internet users into the backstage of the video game production and allow game studio development to create games without creativity limitation. LAMG doesn’t want to be just a financing tool, it wants to give the participants a real active role and creates a new interaction between the video-game makers and the players.
LAMG is currently in negotiation with several studios – Exkee, Blackpixel Studio, Bipmedia, Fishing Cactus – and the platform is set to launch September, 2010 with a selection of 5 projects.

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