The comeback of Moto Racer 1&2 thanks to DotEmu and Nobilis

Posted on 08/03/2010


First developed by Delphine Software Interactive in 1997, the Motor Racer games are available to download on for 4,99 Euros. DotEmu and Nobilis are behind the rebirth of the Motor Racer games , thanks to them players will be able to discover or re-discover this saga. For those who have never heard of Moto Racer, it is an arcade motorcycle racer game in which both superbike and motocross events are available. Game modes include Practice, Time Attack, in which players race against their own replays, Single Races against computer-controlled opponents, and a Championship Circuit. The game offers players to choose between a simulation mode and arcade mode. Players can defy the best drivers of the world on a multitude of different environment. In Moto Racer 2 the player controls a motorcyclist on various environment; the game offers motocross races and superbike street races. The game contains 32 race tracks and 16 motorcycles split evenly between motocross and superbike. The player can also edit any track in the game using the new level editor. The Moto Racer saga is a racing game which allows players to have a good time.

Check the games:
Motor Racer 1
Motor Racer 2

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DotEmu, a publisher/developer, has the mission to bridge the gap between the best of the old video games on today and tomorrow devices: Flash, iPhone and PC. In May 2010, DotEmu opens its own gaming digital distribution shop and distributes today over 50 titles. DotEmu has worked on several projects including Street Fighter II – Champion Edition on Adobe Flash, R-Type on iPhone and Boulder Dash on various platforms. DotEmu also manages a strong community with over 100 million games played online so far. Created in early 2007, DotEmu provides services and technologies to customers in Europe, USA and Japan. IT is the European leader in video game emulation with more than 8000 games supported…[Read more…]

Nobilis, a Lyon based producer, publisher, and distributor of video games (PC, Xbox360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Interactive DVDs) and video game accessories, was founded in 2001. Nobilis Publishing has developed successful games such as: My baby 2 (Nintendo DS and Wii), My Baby Boy and My baby Girl (Nintendo DS), Mountain Bike Adrenaline featuring Salomon (PlayStation 2), The Secrets of Da Vinci (PC),  Cleopatra (PC), and the famous franchises: Hotel Giant and Moto Racer with over 8 million units sold to date. Nobilis has several distribution subsidiaries in France (Lyon), Spain (Madrid), Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg (Bruxelles), and an office in Italy (Rome). Nobilis Publishing games are already sold in over 40 different countries with the most prominent partners. Nobilis is also a producer/distributor of accessories thanks to its own brand: Subsonic, a symbol of quality and innovation. These accessories are available for the following platforms: Xbox 360, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Wii…[Read more…]

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