Enjoy your massage!, a WiiWare title from Microforum

Posted on 08/09/2010


Microforum announced its plan to release Enjoy your Massage! on WiiWare August 9th. Well here we are, the title should be available in a couple of hours in the US. What is Enjoy your massage all about? In it, you rub down and stressed out ladies using variety of different techniques. It’s kind of weird and borderline creepy. In this downloadable game, your virtual self has just been hired as an apprentice masseur of Giselle’s beauty farm, one of the most famous in the city. You will have to learn new relaxing massage combinations and apply them on your stressed customers. You will have to do your best to successfully stressed out clients dealing with variety of real world issues. If you prove to be able, you might even become the director of the whole beauty farm otherwise no one will save you from losing your job.
You will have to pay special attention to each character desire. Layla is a very famous singer, always looking for a relaxing massage before concert. Sarah is a successful golfer who is always a good client for a beauty farm. Ines is a moto racer, her sport involves a lot of tiredness and a good massage will help her out. There are also Alice who is a bride to be and Elise who is a demanding leader of a very big company. Finally a mystery woman might change your life forever…
Aside from keeping all your clients happy and becoming the director of Giselle’s beauty, players will be interested in the various massage techniques and presentation…

Watch the trailer here!

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Microforum develops and publishes mobile games and provides mobile gaming solutions for network operators, services providers, handset manufactures, media companies and brand owners around the world.
In the past two years they have created a portfolio of more than 50 games, 2D and 3D , that are sold worldwide under the Microforum brand. Their distribution network comprises leading mobile operators, mobile internet portals and content aggregators and many more.
Microforum is currently recognized as one of the leading independent J2ME developers around. Recent development agreements with leading publishers such as Mforma, Sony Pictures Mobile, Superscape, and others underline their growing reputation.
Recently Microforum also entered the important market of mobile software. They have created a line of innovative mobile video surveillance applications that render everyday life more secure and easy.

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