DoubleSix’s PSN downloadable title Burn Zombie Burn is getting to PC today!

Posted on 08/12/2010


P2 Games has released DoubleSix’s Burn Zombie Burn! for PC, available via Steam, today. Burn Zombie Burn has known a great success on PS3 and intends to do as well on PC.
The game casts players as Bruce, an average guy who only wanted to spend time with his girlfriend Daisy before their Saturday night was ruined by packs of zombies. It’s up to Bruce to shoot, burn and blow up as many zombies as possible before he succumbs to their attacks. The PC version of the game will feature the standard Freeplay, Defend Daisy and Timed modes, as well as a new Survival mode, which packs an ever-increasing number of ghouls onscreen to test your accuracy. Additionally, a harder Extreme difficulty mode will demand a player’s best shooting and dodging skills, as you face off against hardier enemies. All the gamers will also receive a strategy guide and comic to help instruct them in how to eliminate shambling corpses. Fundamentally, the game is an infinite play score chasing arena based shooter. The core mechanic, as described in the game’s title, is about setting zombies on fire. In order to score high, the player has to set zombies on fire and each zombie on fire adds to their score multiplier. Flaming zombies are also more dangerous as they run faster and deal more damage to the player if they get too close.
DoubleSix has shown a trailer of its latest creation Top Gun, the game is largely based upon the 1980’s film. The single-player campaign consists of eleven individual missions, divided into three chapters – Prologue, Top Gun Flight School and Indian Ocean – the latter of which offers the greatest amount of content. While Top Gun largely follows the plot of its parent Hollywood production, with original writer by Jack Epps Jr. onboard to ensure continuity, the Indian Ocean levels continue beyond the film’s close… Release date: 17th August in the US.

Watch :

Burn Zombie Burn! Trailer
Top Gun Trailer

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