Parrot AR.Drone Quatricopter is out!

Posted on 08/19/2010


AR.Drone is available since yesterday in Europe. Wondering what is AR.Drone? The Parrot AR.Drone is a quadricopter piloted with an iPhone or iPod touch, it allows adults or kids to fly in a real-world environment while simultaneously playing a video game from the device’s screen. It combines the best of today’s wireless, video and gaming technologies to allow real-world objects and conditions, like a tree or wind, to become a part of the video gaming experience.
Parrot AR.Drone is a quadricopter that consists of a central cockpit surrounded by four propellers, each driven by an engine. The heart of AR.Drone contains all electronic components and two cameras: The first camera, located underneath, connects to an Inertial Measurement Unit, which allows the AR.Drone to measure its speed and perform flawless stationary flight. Parrot Smart Piloting (PSP) technology compensates for wind and other environmental conditions during outside flights. The second camera, at the front, broadcasts and streams to the iPhone(TM) or iPod touch(R) screen, what the AR.Drone sees, as if you were sitting in the cockpit. This allows for the augmented reality gaming experience. The Parrot AR.Drone generates its own Wi-Fi network that simply connects to an iPhone or iPod touch and turns it into a true piloting station. An unseen mix of captors (wide angle camera and high speed camera, MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanicals Systems), 3 axes accelerometer, 3 axes gyro, ultrasound sensor) associated with a powerful computer make the piloting easy and accessible. The AR.Drone is very easy to pilot by leaning the iPhone(TM) forward to move forward or sidewise to corner or change direction. On the touch pad of the iPhone(TM), command buttons also indicate some actions such as rise, down, rotate, move back, move forward. Observing the AR.Drone obey to each movement of his hands is an extraordinary experience for the player.
It is designed for flying inside and outside. For a flight inside, a hull surrounds the propellers and protects the AR.Drone if it hits an obstacle. For the outside, a shaped hull reduces the area to the wind for a better maneuverability. Each flight with the AR.Drone will always be a new experience. Outside, players will have to take into account the changing elements of the real environment, like the wind, the sunshine, the shading areas or any other obstacles. Moreover Parrot AR.Drone offers unprecedented multi-player possibilities. Thanks to augmented reality, it is possible to recreate an aerial fight between two drones. Augmented Reality functions detects other AR.Drone in flight, detects and positions markers on the ground and on the walls. Depending on the applications downloaded, it opens up a whole new world to users. Each gaming experience is unique.
Parrot AR.Drone is now available at HMV in the UK, at Saturn in Germany and at FNAC in France.

Parrot AR.Dronr Conference and Demo in Berlin

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