The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers coming to PSN on August 31st

Posted on 08/20/2010


Two years after its first release on Xbox Live, Castle Crashers is getting a Playstation network release. The Behemoth has been working on the title for about a year and a half to make sure that little piece is airtight and fun.
Castle Crashers is a side-scrolling, beat-em-up which incorporates a small number of role-playing game elements. This four player RPG adventure will let gamers hack, slash, and smash their way to victory. Castle Crashers features an intuitive combo/magic system that allows players to unlock new combos and magical attacks as they progress through the game. Players can also customize content with over 40 unlockable weapons, 20 unlockable characters, and Animal Orb helpers to help them through their journey.
The Playstation version will be almost identical to the original release, with an additional new exclusive mode called Volleyball.
The Behemoth is known for its Alien Hominid. It is a fast-paced 2D side scroller where players must run, jump and shoot their way across the globe in persuit of the alien’s coveted UFO. The artwork was completely hand-drawn and hand-animated, with character design by Dan Paladin. The original prototype has been downloaded over ten million times. Due to its popularity The Behemoth began development of the full console title. Alien Hominid has been released on four different consoles : Xbox, Gameboy Advance, PSP2 and Gamecube. It was also released on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade system, which offers the first High-Definition version of Alien Hominid.

The Behemoth team is now working on BattleBlock Theater for XBLA.

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Castle Crashers
BattleBlock Theater
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Learn more about The Behemoth:

Founded in 2003, the Behemoth is a small group of hardcore gamers with the modest goal of bringing craftsmanship and originality back to the game industry. Their first offering, Alien Hominid, picks up where 2D gaming left off in the mid-90s, and continues the evolution! In 2008 they released their second title, Castle Crashers. It took them about 3 years of development to finish this title and all the hard work has helped secure it as the best selling and top rated title on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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