Copenhagen Game Productions is currently working on ‘Tryl’, a multi-player, physical spell-dueling game giving a large place to face-to-face interactions

Posted on 09/03/2010


Copenhagen Game Productions is a small independent game development company based in Denmark. It is currently working on Tryl, a multi-player, physical spell-dueling game designed for the physical game controllers. The core idea is to get players to look at each other rather than the screen. A new interactivity is created among the players and it gives a new dimension to the gaming experience. The game lets players sling spells at one another in a game of dexterity and strategy. Using their controller as a wand, players draw fluid, emergent gestures – in their own personal style – to charge up spells of different magic types. To succeed, players must “read” their opponent and time their spells carefully.
Copenhagen Game Productions, with Tryl, wants to explore a new terrain in the gaming experience by combining the face-to-face interactions of traditional playground games and backyard pretend play with the computational power and multimedia capabilities of console machines. They want to reinforce the feeling to play with each, the screen is just an element of the gaming experience. The real action takes place off the screen in the physical world. Tryl: Videogame of the Future gives us a new way to experience games designed for the physical game controllers and help players to have new interactions while playing. The rich emotion and information encoded in human facial expressions become in Tryl an important part of the play.

Tryl: Videogame of the Future

The year is 1983.
A kid – the Kid – sneaks into the backroom of the local arcade and discovers a secret 3D videogame from the future played by waving a virtual reality wand controller.
But suddenly the machine emits a blinding light and the Kid is inexplicably transported into the game, into the wacky magical world of Tryl!
Under the tutelage of Magic Jönsson, the legendary Swedish basketball-star-turned-magician, the Kid sets off to defeat the evil wizard Kalpa and make things right…

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Copenhagen Game Productions ApS is a small independent game development company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The team has a multi-national background spanning multiple continents, but was (largely) trained in Copenhagen, at IT University of Copenhagen’s Media Technology & Games program, the Danish Design School, and Københavns Universitet’s Datalogisk Institut. They’re also proud flagship members of the Copenhagen Game Collective. The collective comprises a tight network of different companies, non-commercial projects, and creative individuals. For a taste of some of their projects, events, and academic research, see the collective’s website.

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