Elsword, a MORPG, developed by Korean company KOG meets success in Japan

Posted on 09/13/2010


Elsword, a comic-book style action MORPG developed by KOG is showing signs of success in Japan. At 4GAMER, one of the biggest online game sites in Japan, Elsword ranked 3rd place in user ratings, and at the same time, ranked first place and third place respectively in Most Anticipated Games and Overall Ranking of Online Games at Onlinegamer, an influential community for online game fans in Japan. Elsword signed a publishing contract with NHN Japan this February to export Elsword to Japan. Although it was not much of a hit in Korea, the two partners agreed that Elsword might show a better performance in Japan as an action RPG genre is very popular among Japanese gamers. Besides that, anime-like characters and playful storytelling were also expected to contribute to a possible success.
According to the public opinions of Japanese users, Elsword is liked for its cute characters and easy-to-play controls. Any user can play Elsword without much difficulty. In addition, the quick and flexible responses of the development team for Elsword Japan were also one of the things that Japanese users thought was appealing. Most of all, KOG’s efforts to localize Elsword and be open to various opinions of local users are what bore the fruits of the present attention. Indeed, it looks like the predictions were right after all – at least so far; Elsword is a game that meets the wants of Japanese gamers.

Source: Korean Game Watch

Have a look at Elsword here.

About KOG studios :

Since it was founded in 2000, KOG Studios has been a pioneer of online fighting games and online racing games in Korea. Having been awarded the Excellent Korean Technology Mark by the Korean government for its achievements in real-time simulation methods for vehicle motions, KOG Studios has gone on to produce many popular online titles, including Grand Chase, Wild Rally and Bumperking.
In 2003, KOG Studios was elected for the Promising Frontiers of Contents award by the Korean Institute of Multimedia Content and Software. In 2006, the company was also awarded the 2nd Korean Information Technology Award by the Korean Association of Information Systems.
Besides the domestic services the company provides, they have successfully serviced their game beyond the seas. Many of their games have advanced to China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, Singapore and Malaysia while making a firm approach toward America and Europe.
KOG Studio aims at making new, unique and exciting games that players have never experienced nor seen before. It is their objective to always challenge the creative planning, design, and technique in making new and experimental games.

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