In the US, Apple is getting closer to Nintendo with 40 million gamers

Posted on 09/14/2010


Games market data and consulting company Newzoo reports that more than 40.1 million Americans over the age of 10 play video games on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, placing Apple in close proximity to the Nintendo DS’s domestic userbase of 41 million gamers.

Results from NewZoo’s International Gamers Survey 2010 show that Apple’s 40.1 million gamers account for more than half of the 77 million Americans who play games on mobile phones and iOS devices.

Sony’s PSP platform also captures a significant portion of the market with a userbase of 18 million Americans. NewZoo notes that two-thirds of PSP and iPad users play games at least three days a week, compared to approximately 50 percent for the Nintendo DS, DSi, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

NewZoo also reports significant overlap between the Nintendo DS and iOS platforms. According to survey results, “The majority of the 160 million Americans playing computer games do so on multiple platforms depending on time of day, social setting and mood.

“This is illustrated by the fact that almost 14 million of Nintendo DS/DSi gamers (34%) also play games on an iPod Touch and vice versa. The data also shows that nearly 90% of people playing games on the iPad has experience playing on an iPhone or iPod Touch.”

The iPad boasts the highest ratio of paying customers, with 72 percent of users spending more than $10 a month on gaming applications. 53 percent of DS and DSi owners and 59 percent of PSP users spend more than $10 on games each month. Only 38 percent of iPhone and iPod Touch users report the same monthly gaming budget.

NewZoo notes that the gap between Nintendo DS players and iOS gamers is much wider in several key markets in Europe. The UK reports 8 million iOS gamers and 13 million DS/DSi players, while in Germany, the Nintendo DS’s 10 million players outnumber the region’s 7 million iOS gamers.

Source: Finger Gaming

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